The cat (lighttirade) wrote,
The cat

Well... fuck.

I haven't been keeping up with most of my personal life since I moved, mostly because I've just been so busy with getting settled in here. But a while back I met a girl here in Rochester (online of all places) who I really got along with. We ended up meeting in person, and I just really started to fall for her. She was a little hesitant to start a relationship just because she was at kind of a messy point in her life, and those who know me know that I don't usually pursue relationships. I just kinda let them land in my lap. :P (Probably why I've had so few...)

But I really felt like this girl was worth pursuing. She's smart, probably even smarter than I am. Quirky enough to keep my attention. Has enough in common with me that we have good starting points, but enough different that she and I still have more to explore. And to top it off (I may be a little biased because I think big brains are sexy), she's one of the most beautiful creatures I've ever laid eyes on.

So I took a chance. Went for it. We've been on numerous dates in the last few weeks. And every time I spent time with her I kept falling for her more and more. If this had happened when I was younger, I'd probably be proclaiming true love or somesuch crap. Being a bit more jaded, I've been a little more reluctant to let myself fall for her that hard, knowing that her life's a little messy right now and this could end up either being great, or being absolutely nothing. I think I've been falling that hard anyway, but at least I'm trying to keep a brake on my emotional ride. And for good reason.

Today I get a bombshell. She's moving back home.

Well, at least she didn't just try to sleep with me first and then move like last time... :\

On the bright side... at least now I'll be available when I'm going back to school. Weehoo.
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