The cat (lighttirade) wrote,
The cat

So I went watch shopping today

I haven't had a working watch in years, but that's never really been a problem, what with the whole working the night shift thing. No life = no reason to keep track of time. The last few weeks I've been using my grandpa's cel phone to do so. But something funky's going on with the phone, so I had to give to back to my uncle to have it looked at. (my uncle got it for my grandpa on his family plan, so he has to be the one to take it in to have it looked at)

So here I am, suddenly with obligations and times I need to be places, and no way to tell time unless I can find a clock. So I stopped by Target. Looked over their jewelry section. I can't stand wearing jewelry and stuff, so nothing there appeals to me whatsoever.

And then, a ray of golden light came down from the heavens and illuminated... this.

Yes, I own a pocketwatch now. How gorram nifty is that?
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