The cat (lighttirade) wrote,
The cat

It lies in wait.

By 'it', I'm referring to luck. Specifically today, little twitches of bad luck. Nothing to overwhelmingly bad. Just bad.

First off, today was a day that I bring my grandpa to dialysis. So the first thing I do is when I'm walking out to the car, I can't see where the driveway starts because of the snow. So I slip on the edge of the driveway and twist my ankle.

Then on the way coming home from dialysis, somebody decided to go across my lane when turning instead of making a nice little 90 degree turn like you're s'posed to. And this was when I was coming down a hill. On an icy road. So needless to say, I barely stopped in time.

If I hadn't had damn good reflexes, even better tires, and functional anti-lock breaks, I woulda crashed right into the side of their car.

Anyhow, I get home. Have lunch, run some errands, ect. Then I go back to pick my grandpa up from dialysis. And as I pull into the driveway coming back home, suddenly there's a THUMP and another car next to me there in the driveway. WTF?

Long story short, the guy behind me tried to slow down and go around me, but his tires locked so he skidded instead. And when he turned the wheel to go left, he drifted right instead. So he ended up turning inside my turn. Thankfully because he was turning too (albiet in the opposite direction that he'd pointed his wheels), it was more of a scrape than anything else. Dent in the door, but nobody was shook up badly enough to get hurt, not even my grandpa. And because it was due to slipping on the road, nobody gets a ticket. However due to the slippery roads, the police were busy as hell so they took more than an hour to get here, then 2 minutes to look around and tell us to trade insurance info and call them tomorrow. Like we weren't already going to do that. :\

So yeah, it seems that fate wanted me to have an accident today. And when I missed the first chance, it came up with another one. And the ankle thing was just annoying. I had been planning on going skating tonight, but that's right out. My ankle isn't too bad, but enough that I don't wanna risk anything fancy today.
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