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11:09pm 14/09/2009
  Holy carp, I haven't used this thing in for feckin' ever.

I think just about everybody who was on my friends list here is on facebook. And the few who aren't... well, I don't think I'd have a way to contact them right now since I went through in rapid succession a website failure (idiot webhosts forgot to renew my domain name so it got bought by squatters, which is why all of my links here don't work) followed shortly by a computer failure (harddrive went kaputski in the process, and I lost all of my emails and address lists. And with no copies of my emails stored online anymore because of the lack of website.). D'oh.

Anyhow, I managed to buy back gothicleatherwork.com, the squatters who had that gave it up pretty quickly. But for some reason they're holding on to stickmanltd.com, so recently I gave up waiting and just went and bought stickmanlimited.com.

Over the summer I also started working on a video game review series, although now that classes have started I haven't had time to work on them. I also started making a suit of mandalorian combat armor, although that project is on hiatus until I make sure I have enough money for school this semester. Got my books already, got classes paid for... just waiting to look for additional expenses.

So right now my life is pretty busy. Work, personal projects, taking care of grandparents, school, etc. And, due to my recent dabbling in mad science, I managed to procure a fairly rare creature: a cute, nerdy girlfriend. Gods only know how I'll find time for that. :)
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I have finally joined the 21st century.   
06:20pm 29/06/2008
  I has a cel phone.

It's got lots of nifty features, camera, mp3 player, I can sign onto AIM, Yahoo and MSN with it, it has bluetooth and a USB port so I can connect it to computers and whatnot, ect. ect.

The best part though: it's shiny. And purple.


I've already set the Monkey Island theme as my ringtone, the Final Fantasy victory fanfare as my text message tone, and my voicemail ring is Tokio Hotel's song Monsoon.

That last one would have been The Pixies' song 'Where is my Mind', but for some reason that one didn't load properly on my phone.
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I'm alive   
11:09am 24/06/2008

Sorry for disappearing for so long everybody. I was just in a weird place. Basically it was getting to the point where my online life was my ONLY life, and I just can't deal with that. So I stepped away for a bit.

Anyway, I'll try to catch everything up when I can but I don't have much time now. Gotta get ready for work.

Oh, that's another bit of news. Found a job. :) Nothing fancy, but it fits into my whacky schedule. I'm working at Michaels craft store down by the mall. Not the one mall, but the other one. :P

I'll try to write a longer post and fire up Trillian when I get home from work today.
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I just now finally got around to seeing the fifth Harry Potter movie...   
12:53am 23/03/2008
  and I gotta say, I wasn't impressed. A lot of changes made for no good reason. The whole thing was incredibly disjointed. They had time for fancy effects shots, but no time for plot exposition? WTF? If I hadn't read the books, I wouldn't have known what the hell was going on most of the time.

The only thing they did right that I could see was Harry himself. I think he got the angry teenager bit that he exhibited in book 5 so much down pretty well.

In other news... I discovered that I have much less self-control than I thought I had.

Yesterday when I was out running errands I had a little more than an hour to waste. So I stopped by a shopping center near where I was at the time. First I went into the Big Lots there... and saw Easter candy half off. So I bought a little of it.

Then I went next door to the guitar store. Where I saw a very nice electric guitar for more than half off. So I bought a little of it.

So now I finally have an electric guitar. Which is rather handy, since I live in a situation where I can't pull out my guitar and start playing at 2 in the morning anymore. But with an electric, all I need is a pair of headphones and I'm the only one who can hear it.

I've been playing around with recording with it, and getting a feel for it. It's obviously a bit different than my acoustic. Got a short version of one of the first songs I ever wrote recorded already. I never could before because it needed electric guitar. :P
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New practice session up   
06:27pm 09/03/2008
  Recorded a cover of Smashing Pumpkins' 'Today'... er... yesterday. And today I started working on putting together the full version of the song I wrote while under the influence of a severe lack of sleep.

I have a gussied up version and a plainer version. Trying to decide which way works best before I put it up on my myspace music thingy.
Somehow I'm not surprised.   
10:01pm 06/03/2008
Click here to take the M*A*S*H quiz!

I may not be as flamboyant and outgoing, but I've definately got a similar sense of humor and similar outlook on life.
09:43pm 05/03/2008
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It lies in wait.   
11:05pm 22/02/2008
  By 'it', I'm referring to luck. Specifically today, little twitches of bad luck. Nothing to overwhelmingly bad. Just bad.

First off, today was a day that I bring my grandpa to dialysis. So the first thing I do is when I'm walking out to the car, I can't see where the driveway starts because of the snow. So I slip on the edge of the driveway and twist my ankle.

Then on the way coming home from dialysis, somebody decided to go across my lane when turning instead of making a nice little 90 degree turn like you're s'posed to. And this was when I was coming down a hill. On an icy road. So needless to say, I barely stopped in time.

If I hadn't had damn good reflexes, even better tires, and functional anti-lock breaks, I woulda crashed right into the side of their car.

Anyhow, I get home. Have lunch, run some errands, ect. Then I go back to pick my grandpa up from dialysis. And as I pull into the driveway coming back home, suddenly there's a THUMP and another car next to me there in the driveway. WTF?

Long story short, the guy behind me tried to slow down and go around me, but his tires locked so he skidded instead. And when he turned the wheel to go left, he drifted right instead. So he ended up turning inside my turn. Thankfully because he was turning too (albiet in the opposite direction that he'd pointed his wheels), it was more of a scrape than anything else. Dent in the door, but nobody was shook up badly enough to get hurt, not even my grandpa. And because it was due to slipping on the road, nobody gets a ticket. However due to the slippery roads, the police were busy as hell so they took more than an hour to get here, then 2 minutes to look around and tell us to trade insurance info and call them tomorrow. Like we weren't already going to do that. :\

So yeah, it seems that fate wanted me to have an accident today. And when I missed the first chance, it came up with another one. And the ankle thing was just annoying. I had been planning on going skating tonight, but that's right out. My ankle isn't too bad, but enough that I don't wanna risk anything fancy today.
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Okay, another version of 'Colorful'...   
12:56pm 21/02/2008
  better than the first two I did, but still not perfect.


This time I did two takes for everything. Two takes for guitar... because the first time I did it my guitar went out of tune. (*&%ing B string.

Two takes for the main voice part. The first couple lines are from the second take, the rest is all from the first take.

And then both takes for the background vocals are in there to make a nice echo/stereo effect.

And I uploaded to my *whoring alert* new myspace music page. :P
Okay, I haven't done these in a while... but what the hell.   
11:29pm 20/02/2008
  Somehow my answer here doesn't surprise me.

Xander Harris

45% amorality, 63% passion, 81% spirituality, 54% selflessness

Xander. Loyal, brave, true and passionate. Perhaps the best friend a person could have, always willing to jump into the frey to help out his buddies.

Also, one of the most popular characters in the Buffy universe.


If you enjoyed this test, I would love the feedback! Also, you might want to check out some of my other tests if you're interested in the following:

Nerds, Geeks & Dorks

Professional Wrestling

Love & Sexuality



This test tracked 4 variables. How the score compared to the other people's:
Higher than 11% on morality
Higher than 46% on repose
Higher than 84% on spirituality
Higher than 53% on selflessness

Link: The 4-Variable Buffy Personality Test written by donathos on Ok Cupid
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Finally broke down...   
09:28pm 19/02/2008
  and set up a myspace musician page.  
So I went watch shopping today   
04:44pm 18/02/2008
  I haven't had a working watch in years, but that's never really been a problem, what with the whole working the night shift thing. No life = no reason to keep track of time. The last few weeks I've been using my grandpa's cel phone to do so. But something funky's going on with the phone, so I had to give to back to my uncle to have it looked at. (my uncle got it for my grandpa on his family plan, so he has to be the one to take it in to have it looked at)

So here I am, suddenly with obligations and times I need to be places, and no way to tell time unless I can find a clock. So I stopped by Target. Looked over their jewelry section. I can't stand wearing jewelry and stuff, so nothing there appeals to me whatsoever.

And then, a ray of golden light came down from the heavens and illuminated... this.

Yes, I own a pocketwatch now. How gorram nifty is that?
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Another recording   
08:50pm 17/02/2008
  I finally figured out how to use my multi-track program to record, then import it into my sound editing program to do stuff with that track and then put it back into the multi-track thing... so it should be a lot easier for me to record multiple tracks and keep them together timing-wise now. :)

My first test - Colorful from the movie Rock Star. Also, I just learned that song a few minutes before I recorded it. Not bad. :P
Valentine's day sonnet/present is done...   
01:55pm 16/02/2008
  And just in time, because I'll be seeing her tonight. :)

The rose is actually made out of green and red leather, believe it or not. Just a personal touch. She knows I've dabbled in leatherwork. Mostly for gothy and armory type stuff, but I figured since I use an upside-down rose as my logo on the leatherwork I've done, it might be a good idea to try and actually make a rose with leather. :)

The background image I used looks like this

Special thanks to nuxvomica for helping me out with some word choices when I posted it over in the poetry group on a progressive site I frequent. :)
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From the dark recesses of my memory... or not. I can't even remember this shit.   
11:47am 16/02/2008
  I just found a bunch of old song lyrics that I don't even remember writing.

So I have no clue what tune goes with them. :P Most of them suck too.

lyricsCollapse )

Yeah... I think my songwriting's gotten a bit better since then. :)
Looking for comments/advice/criticism on a sonnet.   
11:38pm 12/02/2008
  This is something I was going to have written on a valentine's day present to the girl who just moved away. One of the things we started doing together is ice skating, something she'd barely done before in her life, but she loves, and something I hadn't been able to do for about 13 or 14 years. So it seemed appropriate to work that in somehow.

This is also my first attemt at an english sonnet, I think. :)

behind cut for length reasonsCollapse )

And for the fun of it, I decided to try and write a modern-day dirty sonnet. Just because I'm weird like that.

And I did it without using the word 'nantucket'. :)

dirty sonnet behind cutCollapse )

Yes, I know, I'm weird. :) And don't worry, the dirty one won't be on the present. Just the nice one.
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03:01pm 07/02/2008
  My chin is turning funny colors. Thankfully no damage other than a bruise.

Let's just say that I got into a fight with gravity. And friction, who normally backs me up on such things, was absent at the moment.

Yeah, I was practicing tight right turns on my ice skates. :P Next thing I know *WHACK*. Right on the chin.
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09:02pm 03/02/2008
  I love my new mp3 player. :P

It was the cheapest, crappiest one that I could find. But it still has a gig of memory, more than enough to give me a good wide variety of stuff to listen too. No screen, unfortunately, so I can't see what's playing, what's next, ect. But for 35 bucks, I wasn't expecting an iPod.

I went skating today for about an hour... didn't have to listen to the crappy music on the speakers there. Got to listen to my own music. Right now I'm just testing its battery life by continuing to listen to it, even though I'm sitting at my computer. :)
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I have acquired PANTS!   
09:22pm 02/02/2008
  First off, quick update: My grandpa had to go back to the hospital for a while. He's fine now, we just sprung him out yesterday. Also, I managed to sign up for classes in time at Monroe Community College here and I started school.

Now, on to the story.

Okay, so my supply of pants had been dwindling for a while. I'd wear them out and not replace them. It was never really a problem because I always lived in an apartment with a washer and dryer. So the worst that would happen is that I'd have to wear my work shorts for a few hours while they were being washed.

Well, my work shorts had holes everywhere in them, (side effect of leaning against moving conveyor belts) so when I quit my job I got rid of them.

Also, ever since my grandparents' old house burned down thanks to a malfunctioning drier back in the 60s, they've refused to keep one in the house. So we have to go to a laundromat. Takes longer. We don't know how long it'll be until we can run out to get a load of laundry done, and we don't know when we'll be able to get back to pick it up.

So I bought a couple of new pairs of jeans. Problem solved, right?

Well, lately I've started going ice skating on a regular basis. This area is just dotted with rinks, unlike Orlando. Which has a grand total of 1 ice rink that was ridiculously far away from where I lived and owned by someone who I could not in good conscience give any money too anyway. Back when my brother used to work at an ice rink he got me in often enough that I was getting pretty decent at it. Then he got fired and that rink shut down shortly afterwards. This was about 13 years ago.

So I was basically relearning from scratch when I started skating here. First time I went was on a date with the girl I mentioned in my last post... a few minutes in, I stumbled and almost did a split. I have good enough muscle tone to control such a fall and stop myself.

Unfortunately, even though I stopped myself from doing a split, my pants decided to finish.

So after an embarrassing, but funny date, I'm now down to three pairs of pants. Needless to say I've started wearing the same extra long-sleeved shirt that became my impromptu loincloth as a good luck charm. Because if it hadn't been there... :P

Then my grandpa had a health complication and had to go back in the hospital for a week and a half or so. Right when school started. So things just got CRAZY. No time to drop laundry off, no time to pick it up again. Had to go for days with one pair of pants. Right when I was in school and sitting close to people. Bad combination.

So I just went out and did a major shopping. Bought three pairs of pants. I've been poor so long that I just got used to not ever spending money. Now I've gone out and bought ice skates (an investment, really. 80 bucks for skates vs. 2.75 a week... at least twice a week. After a year, that's almost 300 bucks.), a crapload of school books and supplies, clothes, and I figured since I'm already spending a crapload of money, I might as well get something non-essential too. So I got a cheap little 35 dollar mp3 player. :) I figure it'll come in handy when I'm sitting at school, doing homework between classes. And if they're playing craptastic music when I'm skating. Or if I'm doing any other kind of exercise. Now that I'm a student, I have free access to the gym at MCC. I also just found out that there's an ice rink right behind the school. I'm gonna try to find out what their open skate hours are, and if there's a discount for MCC students. The rink I was going to was sort of attached to University of Rochester, so they had a discount for UofR students.

Anyway, after several months of very little physical activity, it's nice to be able to get off my ass and do stuff. :) Especially since part of that stuff is something that I enjoyed doing, but then couldn't do for 13 years or so.

And its also nice to know that I have enough pants.
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Well... fuck.   
06:29pm 20/01/2008
  I haven't been keeping up with most of my personal life since I moved, mostly because I've just been so busy with getting settled in here. But a while back I met a girl here in Rochester (online of all places) who I really got along with. We ended up meeting in person, and I just really started to fall for her. She was a little hesitant to start a relationship just because she was at kind of a messy point in her life, and those who know me know that I don't usually pursue relationships. I just kinda let them land in my lap. :P (Probably why I've had so few...)

But I really felt like this girl was worth pursuing. She's smart, probably even smarter than I am. Quirky enough to keep my attention. Has enough in common with me that we have good starting points, but enough different that she and I still have more to explore. And to top it off (I may be a little biased because I think big brains are sexy), she's one of the most beautiful creatures I've ever laid eyes on.

So I took a chance. Went for it. We've been on numerous dates in the last few weeks. And every time I spent time with her I kept falling for her more and more. If this had happened when I was younger, I'd probably be proclaiming true love or somesuch crap. Being a bit more jaded, I've been a little more reluctant to let myself fall for her that hard, knowing that her life's a little messy right now and this could end up either being great, or being absolutely nothing. I think I've been falling that hard anyway, but at least I'm trying to keep a brake on my emotional ride. And for good reason.

Today I get a bombshell. She's moving back home.

Well, at least she didn't just try to sleep with me first and then move like last time... :\

On the bright side... at least now I'll be available when I'm going back to school. Weehoo.
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